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Lucy Doll is a tiny, flexible teen and she gets pounded!

Tiny teen Lucy Doll is exceptionally flexible, which means she can get into all kinds of extreme sexual positions. The hottest position she can get into is when her legs are behind her head. The guy fucking her can really get his massive cock in deep, which means he gets to enjoy every inch of her teen pussy. He doesn’t care one iota about how big his cock is and how tender and little her hole is, he’s going to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. She is such a small thing, and that means her pussy is extra tight. So tight, that he had to keep thinking different thoughts not to spill his seed immediately into her pussy. The desire to cum is overwhelming when you’re fucking a gorgeous teen like her. It’s all he can think about as he pounds her sweet wet hole. He knows that if he’s able to hold out long enough, that there’s a prize at the end of this fuck session. That same face that he’s been obsessing about while drilling her pussy is the same one he’ll get to bust a nut on. All of his precious load will land on her face, and she likes it so much that it makes her smile in happiness. Click here to see more of Lucy Doll… CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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