Alison Tyler is super curvy, and she can certainly fill out lingerie as few girls can. Don’t mistake the word curvy for meaning that she’s fat. No, she’s not fat; she is curvy and everything that an eyeball could ever want. Girls who have bodies like hers are so incredible because she doesn’t fuss over things as most women do. She isn’t shy about showing off that big glamourous ass of hers or those huge tits either. She even likes to doll herself up and look sexy by wearing lingerie and stockings. Any guy would love to come home to a babe looking like her after a hard day of work.

Posing the way she does here requires quite a bit of confidence. She loves to pose in front of the camera because it gives her strength. She wants nothing more than to feel comfortable in her own skin. There’s a rawness to her that is undeniable. She isn’t afraid to put everything on display, even if it means making the person looking at the pictures a little sexually aroused. In fact, it’s impossible to look at such a curvaceous girl without becoming so sexually aroused that you can’t control yourself.

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