We all know that nerdy girls can be really sexy when they get down to doing some naughty and dirty stuff. Watching a hot nerdy babe masturbate, getting fucked, or giving a blowjob is a sure turn on for any sane man and nerdy Paris Cummings seems to be aware of this as she masturbates until she comes in this set.

She starts the set dressed in a really short blue tartan skirt, a skimpy white top, and the classic nerdy glasses while standing in front of a bookshelf. She’s smiling right from the beginning and she starts acting naughty right away in the next scene by lifting up her skirt to reveal her tiny butt. She then takes off her top, takes to the sofa, and starts to masturbate. She continues to stroke her pink, fleshy pussy in the next scene and really seems to be enjoying every bit of the moment while at it. At a certain point, she even spreads her clean-shaved pussy to reveal her pink clit and then sits up again.

When she finally gets her hands on a big white and blue dildo, she seems pretty excited and starts by sensually licking the toy before she turns it on and on herself. She puts the toys down one moment to stroke her pussy with her fingers and then bends over with her body facing away from the camera while the wet fleshy pulp between her thighs pops from behind. She even managed to insert a butt plug in her butt hole in the next scene and looks like she’s pretty excited about it. This naïve-looking girl certainly isn’t all that naïve after all as she returns in the closing scene with the dildo on her clit and looks like she’s moaning in pure pleasure as she puts up that ooh face. She closes the set with an innocent bye wave.

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