The desires of a lesbian aren’t as simple as many people would like to believe. Sara Jaymes and Stacey Hopkins have lived lives filled with the desire to make love to another girl. It’s not easy for a girl to come to terms with these feelings. That’s why neither of them is yet prepared to get face deep in a pussy. What does it mean when a girl finds another girl attractive? Does it mean they’re lesbian? What if they like guys but crave the attention of a woman? These are the types of questions women like these must answer, and it’s not easy. Somehow, they’ve got to find a way to stay true to themselves while still keeping something secret from the rest of the world, who may not be as accepting as they want.

Touching another girl’s pussy sends ripples of excitement throughout their bodies. So does kissing and looking at each other in the nude. Neither of them has been around many naked girls, and that’s what drives them so crazy. Just seeing the breasts of another female excites them. It surprises them what it feels like to touch another girl’s pussy. They’ve touched themselves down there a million times, but touching a different pussy feels oddly exciting and also a little nerve-wracking at the same time. Living out a fantasy like this can leave a girl feeling dirty and unsure of what the future lies ahead for her.

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