Maxine has gorgeous long flowing curly hair that gives her a retro look. The mane on this darling is thick and she loves to have fun with it. This curly haired cutie may have plenty of hair on her head, but there’s none in between her legs. A girl with such thick hair probably could grow an out of this world bush, but she chooses not to for some reason. Somehow you’ve got to get your mind off of her hair so that you can enjoy the rest of her. She has a smoking hot little body that needs all the attention you can give it. Not soaking in all of her beauty would be a colossal mistake that would leave you missing out on some of the best little naughty bits a teen could possibly ever offer up.

The little boobs on this cutie are something else. She doesn’t need to wear a bra, those tiny tits of hers can hold themselves up. The pussy in between her legs seems incredibly tight and it looks like it would be nothing short of a pure delight to enjoy. The ass on this girl is as cute as a button and as small as one too. She has a petite frame and everything that it holds up is so tiny and adorable.

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