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Alice Shea strips out of her workout clothes and spreads her meaty pussy

What makes a pussy meaty? Well, let’s take a look at the pussy of Alice Shea and investigate into it. Pay attention to the pussy lips of this babe for a few clues. The first clue that you’ll notice is that her lips appear to be puffy. It almost looks like the mound around her lips is swollen, but it isn’t. The puffiness of her mound makes her lips look even more incredible. You know that the hole behind such lips has to be as tight as can be. Why else would her lips work so hard to protect the hole? In many ways, Alice looks like the average girl next door. The difference between her and your neighbor is, she’s someone who you would like to fuck. Your neighbor might be hot, but you don’t think of her in the same way as you do this beauty. Maybe it’s because she has no problems getting naked in front of the camera. It could be those little boobs, nice legs, and that tight ass of hers. Regardless of what you obsess about her, it’s all good. Somehow your focus always comes back to her pussy, and it’s because a hole that looks as good as hers is something people rarely get to see. It’s too bad that it’s not possible to smell her snatch since it probably smells fantastic. Click here to see more pics of Alice Shea Sponsored by: MetArt

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