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Beautiful babe Angell Summers gags on a black cock before having anal sex

We all know how much guys love seeing chicks getting down on their knees to give some proper head. The action even gets better when the action involves some gagging, deep throats, a mouthful of hot jizz, finally ending in anal sex. And that’s exactly what beautiful babe Angell Summers is offering as she takes several seductive poses while nude and gags on a black cock before having anal sex. The opening scene displays Angell in all her female glory as she’s totally nude and sitting while leaning back and invitingly spreading her legs wide open to display a clean, shaved pink pussy and not-so-tiny butthole. In the first scene, beautiful Angell is still stark naked and standing with her back and face to the camera as she tries to spread her butt chicks with one hand while holding on to a slanting white wall with the other arm. The same picture in the opening scene comes next and it’s followed by another scene where she’s dressed in all-white lingerie with one of her nicely-shaped boobs popping out while she teasingly lifts the lower part of her attire to slightly reveal the prized jewels between her legs. The action gets steamier in the next scene as Angell is down on one knee giving head to a nude, well-toned tattooed black dude who’s surprisingly capturing all the action and pleasure on a huge camera. One can’t help wondering how the fuck this dude can concentrate on filming or even have the strength to hold such a huge camera while getting some head from such a beautiful and seemingly experienced babe. On the other hand, Angell seems to be relishing every second of the moment as she sensually licks off the guy’s dick head and gets a deep throat. In the next scenes, the couple is now on the bed and Angell is on top of the dude with his massive black cock inside her pussy and her butt. The scene ends with Angell holding the huge cum spitting black cock directly to her face and then she finally takes the slimy cum in her mouth. Click here to see more of Angell Summers Sponsored by: Brazzers

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