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Horny teen Brittany Bliss wakes up and masturbates her shaved pussy

What’s the first thing that many people do when they wake up in the morning? Some people might immediately go to the bathroom or head to the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee. Brittany Bliss is like many horny people out there who masturbate first thing in the morning. She doesn’t want any breakfast or to go to the bathroom. How can she think about any of that stuff when her body is aching to be touched? All she can think about is the satisfaction that masturbation can deliver. She wants nothing more than to feel the rippling pleasure of an orgasm rip through her tender teen body. This sexually aroused teen doesn’t need toys, vibrators, or even porn to stimulate her. All she needs are the fingers on her hands. She has more than enough experience with her digits to do everything required to make her body feel good. She touches, penetrates, and rubs all the right areas to make sure she feels as good as her body can. Since it’s still early in the morning, it’s easy for her to have an orgasm. A little fingering, and she’s good to go to face whatever challenges the day may throw at her. Click here to see more pics of Brittany Bliss Sponsored by: NUBILES

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