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Petite babe Candice B has a beautiful shaved pussy

Calling a pussy beautiful might seem a little far fetched until you see the snatch between the legs of Candice B. she definitely has a beautiful pussy, and it’s surprisingly tight as well. The sunglasses are what push her over the edge at the beginning of this gallery. She is a busty blonde who looks like a celebrity while wearing shades. The boobs on her chest and the way she carries herself is remarkable. A girl can only pose the way she does here if she understands what makes her so incredibly hot. Candice has no problems identifying what makes her so sexy and putting it on display for all to see. What makes a pussy like the one that belongs to this blonde bombshell so special? Could it be because there’s no hair to be found on her pussy? Sure, a bald pussy is pretty sweet, but it’s not all that uncommon these days. What makes her pussy, so incredibly delicious-looking is how uniform not only her pussy lips are, but the plumpness of them. She has what may be the perfect pussy, and it looks as close to a peach as you can get. The seam that is her pussy lips divides her mound wonderfully, and they make everyone eager to see what they’re hiding. Click here to see more pics of Candice B Sponsored by: METART

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