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Carolina Sweets getting stretched by Mandingo’s big black cock

It’s always fun and exciting watching a hot babe like Carolina Sweets getting stretched by a Mandingo’s big black cock. She starts the set with her top pulled up to reveal her small, nicely-shaped boobs while holding Mandigo’s junk as he’s sitting. Then she takes out the huge already stiff cock and starts licking it sensually. She then inserts the massive thing inside her mouth and proceeds to lick the dick head teasingly. And then the massive cock is now inside her tiny pussy and from the face, she’s making while lying on her back and spreading her legs wide apart as she lifts the up, it seems like a punishment. She then takes out the gigantic cock and licks it again before she gets on top of the lucky Mandingo and starts riding her on the sofa. She then rides the dude while facing away from the camera so that her insanely stretched out pussy is now in full view. She then changes her position and lies on her back as the dude inserts his massive junk inside her as she raises her legs and spreads them to give the big guy more leeway. Then she bends over and receives a beating from the rear before she gets down on her knees and starts sucking Mandingo’s big black dick until she ends up with cumshot in her mouth. Click here to see more pics of Carolina Sweets CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!

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