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Cassidy Banks fucked by the thief

The unthinkable happens, and a thief breaks into Cassidy Banks’ house. What is she going to do? The wildest thing is when her boyfriend comes home. The thief is a handsome dude, and he has a huge cock. It looks like Cassidy doesn’t mind getting her home invaded as long as the guy is well hung and knows what to do with his cock. This guy, well, he’s an expert at making a pussy feel good. She almost loses it when the burglar licks her from behind while she talks to her boyfriend. It’s crazy to watch what happens between the two of them after the robbery is almost complete. This busty babe is so trusting that she will allow the guy to cum all over her face. She doesn’t yell, scream, or kick him off. She could’ve kicked him right in the balls, but that’s not what she does. Why not allow him to plaster her with the jizz in his precious nut sack? That was her train of thought, and it’s what she allows him to do. Who knows, maybe this guy will come back again soon and try to rob her one more time. She knows how to make a stranger feel at home by spreading her legs and allowing the guy to blast his cum all over her. Click here to see more Cassidy Banks… CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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