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Two big tits pornstars Nikki Benz and Jesse Jane in a wet threesome

One look at Nikki Benz and Jesse Jane, and you can tell they’re classic pornstars. They have the pornstar look to them, and they act like someone who has been in front of the camera a million times. Somehow, this guy finds himself right smack dab in the middle of two horny pornstars who are hell-bent on rocking his world. Women like these know exactly what they’re doing, and neither of them doesn’t need to be told what to do. They fuck him so hard that his hat is crooked. The lure of watching pornstars in action is that they know how to please a man as no one else can. Experience is the best teacher, and both of these stacked honeys have plenty of it. Sex is something that many people feel shy about, but neither of them has a shy bone in their body. They are the type of women who are just as comfortable fucking a guy as they are a gal. Their bisexuality is on full display here as they begin pleasing each other and work their way to satisfying a long rigid cock. Both of their sexual skills take their toll on his penis, and the only thing left for him to do is blast a load of cum on their faces. Click here to see more of this hot threesome scene from Nikki Benz and Jesse Jane Sponsored by: Brazzers

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Bukkake videos in 4k, yes please!

We’ve always been a huge fan of bukkake videos and it seems we’ve hit gold with The guys over there seem to have nailed the genre and are knocking it out of the park with the sticky bukkake videos, cumshots and facials they’re showing. It’s a niche we love; I mean, who wouldn’t love to have a sexy woman suck you off and spunk in her face? We’ve always been a fan of amateur facials – just the idea of lusty UK bukkake girls enjoying the feeling of lots of cock in their mouths makes us hard even now.  There’s probably a difference we should highlight between the traditional Japanese summit bukkake style of event and the bukkake party scenes shown on Splatbukkake. The summit bukkake scenes which started the phenomenon were very clinical. The young Japanese model was to stay still and passive, and certainly not interact with the guys with their dicks out. The more Euro bukkake party scene is slightly different in that the bukkake models are real cock-technicians. They absolutely love sucking dick and having guys shot cum in their faces. Doesn’t matter if its a UK amateur facial or a British pornstar model, the lust is just the same. The girls greedily suck the guys off, wanking other guys dicks around them so they’re all getting hard at the same time, then at a given moment, the guys unload. Spurt after spurt of hot cum jizzed all over the girls faces and tits. Dribbling out of their mouths and down in between their tits, making a sticky mess of cum. The guys at Splatbukkake film this all in Ultra High Definition 4k and bring you the very best British bukkake party videos. Obviously you can still stream or download HD bukkake and facials videos, or just keep the 4k ones for when you upgrade your TV! No matter, head over there now to see plenty of amateur facials, or pornstar bukkake. British pornstars such as Alexxavice, Sophie Anderson, Tara Spades, Adreena Winters and Michelle Thorne all feature there so go grab your boner, sit back and pretend you’re jizzing over them too.

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