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Busty blonde babe Devin Justine posing outdoors

Now, with a gorgeous body like this, there’s no denying that busty blonde babe Devin Justine would want to show it off outdoors. She is wearing a sexy, silky bikini suit while relaxing as she lies on the edge of the pool. Then she takes off her bra to reveal a nice set of big round boobs while still lying on the edge of the pool. She turns over to show off her small butt and sits slightly upright while leaning on one hand. Her big boobs now look even bigger than when she was lying on her back. They look firm and succulent and any man watching would definitely want to either suck them or fuck them. She then takes off her bikini panties and still remains sitting as she looks with those sexy eyes and pink-purple pouty lips. Her legs are pulled together but not too tightly so you can see the faint outline of her slit. But she doesn’t make an effort to show off her pussy and she only lets you enjoy watching her gorgeous body and boobs. Even when she finally stands up, she doesn’t show her pussy but you can still see the faint outline of her slit and the slender strip of pubic hair leading to her sweetest part. Click here to see more pics of Devin Justine CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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