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Young babe Ella Silver in a sexy lingerie

Ella Silver is looking gorgeous in her white lingerie. She has the cutest ever little tits, and those legs of hers are something else. The stems on this blonde bombshell look even better when she wraps them up in white stockings. Somehow, lingerie takes the eyes off of her beauty and refocuses them on her body. The body she has is great, but what needs to be enjoyed more than anything is that pretty face of hers. It’s her face that enables the rest of her to be enjoyed in such a manner. How can that be? It’s because her beauty is so inviting that it encourages the eyeballs to devour the rest of her. It wouldn’t be so easy to soak in all of her sexiness if she weren’t so pretty. The eyes don’t need a justification to feast on the flesh of a babe like her. Not when she presents herself in such a sexy manner. It’s hard to imagine how easy the job of the cameraman had to be during this time. All he had to do was point his camera, and this sizzling hot babe did the rest. She knows what men want to see more than anyone else, and that’s a little scary if you think about it. Most girls have no idea what makes them so beautiful, and she can make a man drop their jaw with minimal effort. Some of it is plain luck in that she won the genetic lottery with her looks, but it’s also that she knows how to present what Mother Nature gave her. See more of Ella Silver here… Click here to see more photos & videos from PENTHOUSE

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