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Malena Morgan and her hot friends posing in a tiny pool

When a hot cutie like Malena Morgan brings her hot friends to a tiny pool party in a set like this, you could be in for a surprise playtime. The curly gorgeous babe starts off the set standing in a tiny, inflatable pool while holding her tiny waist with both arms and dressed in a white bikini suit. She is soon joined by two other hot chics dressed in white bikini suits too. They start posing with their backs facing the camera and camera lady as they display their smooth toned legs and perfect firm asses. The three beautiful birds continue posing for the camera in different positions to display their nicely-curved bodies and tight asses. The ladies are also wet all over and their curvy heaps and nicely-rounded asses now look sleek, smooth, and shiny. They seem to be having a good time as they enjoy dropping their panties to their knees to show their shiny round bums and even offering a faint glimpse of their most precious part while facing the camera. These hot babes are even joined by the camera lady and they proceed to have their way with her, undressing her and caressing her tits. The four babes end the set with lovely smiles on their pretty faces while still in their bikini suits and kneeling submissively. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF MALENA MORGAN CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!

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Two hot friends Bianka Helen and Emily Rise playing nude in the sand

Bianka Helen and Emily Rise are getting a little bit frisky with each other in the sand. Each girl has had lesbian fantasies building up for quite some time. They know more than anyone else that those fantasies have a way of controlling their lives. The problem they face is that no one really knows how to live out something as dirty as a lesbian fantasy. They’re still reasonably young, and that means neither of them has experienced much in the world of sexuality. They’d love nothing more than to plant their face in each other’s pussy, but it’s not that easy. They have first to get to know each other a little better. Being close to a girl as sexy as either one of them sends shivers down their spines. Each has lived their entire lives wanting to see a girl naked in front of them. The sight of the other topless, then naked, is more than they can handle. It’s possible to see that they’re becoming aroused, but each of them is trying desperately to hide it from the other. Girls are highly concerned about what others think of them, and they don’t want to offend the other girl. If only each of them knew how turned on, they were at this moment. If they knew, they would’ve gone down on the other and savored the flavor of an aroused pussy right there on the beach. Click here to see more pics of Bianka Helen and Emily Rise CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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