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Sexy track star Gianna Dior gets fucked in the locker room

It takes a lot of exercises to have a body as fit as the one that Gianna Dior has. The first thing that she does is show off that scorching body of hers. The big boobs she has are surprising considering how active she is. A lot of girls who are always on the go have tiny little tits. She has a bigger pair, but no one would ever say that they’re humungous. The ass on her is also pretty firm, and all that running is the reason for it. A body that’s constantly in motion will have plenty of positive side effects as the one she has. The real test of her body is when a big muscular guy pounds the living daylights out of it. The way you can tell that she’s in the mood for a hard fucking is because she works his cock in her mouth. The blowjob wasn’t meant to make his penis feel good but to make him rock hard. It doesn’t take a guy long to get hard when looking at an athletic sweetheart like her. The pussy in between her legs is ripe and ready for what it’s about to receive. The way his meat slides in and out of her pussy shows just how excited she is. The perfect final touch is a blast of cum straight to this cutie’s face. Click here to see more pictures and videos of Gianna Dior See More Pics: REALITY KINGS

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Gianna Dior having sex with a fat, hard cock

The hard cock that fucks Gianna Dior does a number on her tight pussy. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t let up until every last drop of cum is squirted out of his cock. No, he’s not going to bust his precious nut inside her pussy. Gianna is more than happy to offer up her face as the perfect place for him to shoot his semen on. Before all that can happen, he’s going to enjoy one of the tightest pussies that his cock as ever been fortunate enough to enter. Gianna Dior is going to use every inch of his cock to get off. That’s not easy for her to do, but he’s up to the challenge. It can’t be said how difficult it is for a guy to squirt his cum all over a pretty face like the one she has. First off, he’s got to make sure that he doesn’t cum inside her pussy. If that wasn’t hard enough, then he has to aim perfectly while the orgasm feels so good it feels like he’s losing his mind. It’s enough to make a guy feel like he’s going crazy as he simply can’t help but keep fucking her until the last drop of cum is squirted out. Luckily for everyone looking at these pictures, he could hold out long enough to plaster her face. Click here to see more pics of Gianna Dior See More Pics: BRAZZERS

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Sexy brunette Gianna Dior deep throating a hard cock

Gianna Dior puts her cock sucking skills to the test and passes with flying colors. She gobbles up a huge cock and makes it look so easy. How does an innocent-looking girl like her get so good at sucking cock? It comes from plenty of experience and nothing else. A girl must suck a lot of cocks to be able to pull off what she does here. The look in her eyes as she’s going down on him is priceless. The look of happiness is plastered all over her face and that’s why she is so good at giving head. Some girls enjoy giving blowjobs as much as guys do receiving them, and she’s one of those ladies. Any guy who has ever had the privilege to have their dick sucked by someone who truly enjoys orally stimulating a penis knows how precious these girls are. The fact that she doesn’t run away from his cum is very telling. A girl who has sucked plenty of dicks is accustomed to the idea that eventually she’s going to get a healthy dose of the white stuff. Who knows, she might be the type of filthy girl who loves the taste of cum. No matter what, she doesn’t give him a chance to blow his load all over her pretty face. She wants him to drain every last drop of his cum in her mouth so she can savor its flavor and swallow all of it. Click here to see more pics of Giana Dior Sponsored by: PORN PROS

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Gianna Dior naked except for leather boots

The only thing that Gianna Dior is wearing is her leather boots. That means her butt, boobs, and even pussy are seen in this picture gallery. She doesn’t leave anything to the imagination and that’s a good thing since that body of hers is incredible. There are few natural beauties that have the type of body she has. Her thick juicy ass, long hair, and great boobs are all wonders of nature. The ease in which she goes from pose to pose tells everyone how much fun she’s having. Not only does she like getting naughty for the camera, but she also enjoys herself too. The fact that she’s having a blast tells a lot about her personality, and it proves that she is definitely the naughty type. Beyond the body is a girl who is a total flirt. The camera picks up on her flirtatious ways and captures them delightfully. It’s almost as if she is flirting with the person on the other end of the camera. Those who look at these pictures can easily find themselves under the spell of a sexy babe who understands her own sexiness. She lures the eyes in with her body and then draws people even closer with how she poses. She knows that it’s about so much more than what she looks like, but also how she stands there while showing the world what Mother Nature gave her. Click here to see more of Gianna Dior… Click here to see more photos & videos from PENTHOUSE

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