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Hot MILF India Summer joins a hot teen babe in a threesome

In this set, hot MILF India Summer teams up with a hot teen babe in steamy threesome action that is every sex pervert’s dream come true. The set starts with India Summer seating on a white couch with her slender, long legs spread wide apart while wearing pink panties and a grey top. She then appears in the next scene on the same sofa but this time in black panties and a matching black bra. A man then appears in the kitchen while checking out the pizza she’s made and they seem to be arguing in the next scene before the dude starts cuddling her. In the next two scenes, Summer displays her fleshy pink bit and her pink panties while spreading her legs without showing her face. The blonde teen now joins the set and starts licking a huge stiff cock while Summer is watching. The two horny bitches now take turns to suck the lucky guy’s cock and they look like they’re really having fun with it in the next few scenes. The man now returns the favor and goes down on one of the chicks and licks her sweetest part as she spreads her legs wide apart before the dude inserts his massive dong inside her clean, pink pussy. The blonde chic now gets on top of the guy and starts riding his dick while her friend licks her pussy and strokes the lucky dude’s equipment. The set winds up with Summer having cumshot in her pussy while she’s riding the guy and her friend holds his dick. Click here to see more pics of this hot threesome sex action with two hot babes Sponsored by: Nubiles Porn

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MILF India Summer and teen Emma Hix having a hot threesome

India Summer is a Milf, and she has a thing or two she can teach teen Emma Hix about sex. A Milf is someone who has been around the block a few times, but they’re still young enough to enjoy a romp in the sack. As a Milf, she has a lot to teach the teen, and she’s more than willing to be a great student. Many people think that good lovers are born with their incredible skills, but that’s not the truth at all. Fantastic bedroom skills come from experience, and there’s no way to cut corners. Well, the only way that you can get good in the bedroom without a ton of experience is to have someone who has done it all guide you. That’s what happens here on some level, but in the end, the guy is the one who gets the lesson. A threesome with a teen and a Milf is enough to make any guy lose his marbles. The teen is super hot, and she’s filled with spunk. The Milf is loaded with knowing how and is more than willing to share her knowledge with anyone. What can the guy do? The only thing he can do is enjoy being double teamed by two sexy ladies who want nothing more than to satisfy him until his balls are drained of every last drop of their precious juice. Click here to see more pics of India Summer and Emma Hix CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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Hot MILF India Summer teaching Kenzie Reeves how to suck dick

India Summer is one experienced MILF babe and it’s no surprise that she’s teaching Kenzie Reeves how to suck dick. Kenzie Reeves starts off kneeling on the bed in her thong and matching bra as she takes off her bra. Then India Summers appears in the same position, kneeling on the bed before they appear together. Then a man joins them and Kenzie spreads her legs while lying on her back as the dude starts spreading her pussy and toying with it. Then India starts taking off her bra and takes the first turn to get fucked by the man. She then appears holding the dude’s dick as she tries to help Kenzie suck it. Then she starts to strip off Kenzie’s top while they are kneeling on the bed. She then helps guide the dude’s stiff cock inside Kenzie’s pussy as Kenzie is riding on top of the dude’s dick. India is also spreading her legs as Kenzie licks her pussy while the dude is fucking her. Then Kenzie continues licking her friend’s pussy as the guy holds her round ass from behind while they lie on the bed. India now gives the guy a blow job and they wind up with India licking off cumshot on Kenzie’s tits. Click here to see more pics of India Summer and Kenzie Reeves CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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