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Beautiful centerfold Jenny Watwood posing outdoors

Jenny Watwood is looking spectacular outside. The sun bounces off of her petite body and highlights everything that is sexy about it. She has gorgeous brown hair and eyes that twinkle in the light. Somehow she can push the limits and almost make the camera lens melt with her sexiness. It’s all about how confident she is in her ability to dazzle anyone who is looking at this sexy picture gallery. It takes a stunning amount of believing in yourself to be able to pull something like this off. Some girls wouldn’t be able to do it, but she can present herself in a very approachable way. What makes her different than most centerfold models is that she appears to be the girl next door. She isn’t the girl next door in the sense of her appearance, but her attitude. You get the feeling that she isn’t full of herself or that she thinks she’s better than anyone else. This is a model that lets her beauty do all the talking. It’s obvious that she doesn’t feel the need to jam anything down anyone’s throat. What she wants to do more than anything is to present herself so that everyone can visually digest it. She was able to do that with the help of a photographer who brought out her natural beauty while allowing her personality to shine through. Click here to see more of Jenny Watwood Sponsored by: Playboy

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