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Jessie Rogers showing her huge tits in school

No one would ever get any schoolwork done if they were sitting in class next to Jessie Rogers. She has big beautiful tits, and the rest of her isn’t too shabby either. A blonde like her already looks like a doll, but add to it the curves, and she is irresistible. The icing on top of the naughty cake is the schoolgirl outfit she’s wearing. The short skirt leaves almost nothing to the imagination, and neither does the bra. If she showed up to class looking like this, she would definitely have to spend a little time in detention. The big breasts of this lovely girl are spilling over her bra. It’s when she unleashes them that you get to see both their size and shape. It isn’t long after her tits are out that her legs are spread wide open. The panties she’s wearing barely hide what’s behind them, and the more you look, the more you’ll swear you can see a little bit of a camel toe. She’s teaching everyone that education is fun, and you have a lot to learn about how sexy a girl’s body can be. Also, she has some nice nipples that borderline on being puffy. Those nipples are a welcome surprise considering boobs this size rarely have puffy nipples. Click here to see more pics of Jessie Rogers Sponsored by: BRAZZERS

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