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Karissa Diamond gets out of the pool to play with her wet pussy

The entire time Karissa Diamond was in the pool, all she could think about was playing with her pussy. The feeling of the water and the sun beating down on her body was all she could take. The hole in between her legs began to tingle, and it ended up controlling her every thought. A girl who is as turned on as she is has no choice but to finger her soaking wet pussy. As she began to touch the swollen lips of her slit, she pinches her erect nipples and thinks about her tongue sliding up and down the shaft of a hard cock. Karissa starts to feel the pleasure building and knows she has to do something about it. By now, she’s lost in the satisfaction, and it’s only a matter of time before she has an outdoor orgasm. Could Karissa have been aroused before she entered into the water? It’s possible, but you never know with a girl like her. She might have been horny all day long, and things finally got the best of her. Lucky for her, if she was already aroused, the water made her hornier. Karissa really knows how to make a splash because that’s exactly what she did when she got into the pool. She got so excited; she let all of her inhibitions go and enjoyed her time in the pool. When she steps out of the water and goes up onto the concrete, that’s when she comes to grip with what she’s about to do and how naughty it is. Click here to see more pics of Karissa Diamond See More Pics: NUBILES PORN

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