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Amateur babe Katy masturbates with big dildos and her fist

How does a girl who looks as innocent as Katy discover that she can fist herself? Does it happen when she stuffs her pussy full of the biggest toys she can find, and it’s still not enough? She does fuck herself with some very large dildos in this gallery. It also appears that she’s enjoying herself, but maybe she feels like it’s possible to get even more pleasure going on in between her legs. It’s hard to fully comprehend what leads someone who seems as delicate as she is to stick not only a bunch of fingers up her pussy, but her entire fist as well. What does it feel like when a girl sticks a fist inside her vagina? Does it send shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body? Katy really seems to go crazy when her pussy is filled with as many fingers and knuckles as it can fit. The expression on her face is both pain and pleasure, and that’s what makes it so special. It’s possible to see that she has to go through quite a bit of pain to achieve a level of satisfaction that causes her brain to almost short circuit. Time has a way of standing still when you’re a horny girl who’s having every one of her sexual desires filled as she is her. Click here to see more pics of Katy Sponsored by: FTV GIRLS

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