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Kendra Roll strips and reveals her big all natural busty tits

Right from the beginning of this set, one can tell that Kendra Roll is another pro as she gradually strips and takes different cool poses to reveal her evenly toned and somewhat tanned body. She starts off the set taking off a white robe to reveal the black lingerie she’s wearing underneath. She then takes a sexy pose in the next scene and turns her back to the camera as she starts to take off her bra while smiling sheepishly. When she turns her body to face the camera, Kendra is now in a full smile, without a bra, and trying to cover her boobs using her hands as she keeps smiling seductively. She then loosens up and frees her arms to reveal the full juiciness of her big, round firm-looking boobs. She proceeds to take more sexual poses and takes off her panties but doesn’t show her pussy although she clearly starts to stroke herself down there. Suddenly, she appears wearing a swimsuit and proceeds to gradually taking it off as an amateur. In the last four scenes, she is just posing either naked or wearing another see-through swimsuit while taking different poses and looking pleased with her performance. Click here to see more of Kendra Roll Sponsored by: Playboy

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