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Kirra & Gina Gerson in a hot lesbian sex scene

Face deep in pussy is a place where Kirra both Gina Gerson love to find themselves. There’s a little bit of friendly flirting going on, but they get straight to work on each other pretty quickly. They’re not the type of girls who beat around the bush when there’s a tasty twat in front of them that’s ready to be devoured. Every lick brings both of them closer to each other, enabling them to connect on a deeper level. Lesbians are different from guys because they must feel like they’ve connected with the other person to get the most out of sex. Getting up close and personal with a pussy allows them to do that. They enjoy the closeness of oral sex and how personal it is. The kissing they do after having sex is telling about how a woman’s mind works. They immediately kiss each other and still have the taste of the other’s pussy in their mouth. Surely they can taste their own pussy juice while kissing, and that’s even dirtier. They’re not kissing each other to taste pussy; what they are trying to do is deepen their connection. They want to strengthen their bond and enjoy a little more closeness before their lovemaking session comes to an end. Click here to see more pics of Kirra & Gina Gerson CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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