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Fit babe Lika Dolce works out in tiny shorts before masturbating in the bathroom

Lika Dolce is one fit babe you would definitely feel excited to fuck or simply have an intimate moment within the private confines of your bedroom. But that’s just a fantasy pervert! The upside though is that you can always check out her babe galleries and polish your pole as you watch her work out in skimpy shorts. Then it even gets better because she later masturbates in the bathroom. She starts off working out and stretching. Then she heads to the bathroom and starts slipping off her tiny shorts while her top is already pulled up to reveal her nice pair of round perky tits. She then bends over as she slips off her shorts with her ass facing the camera and you can see the bulging sweetness nestled in her black thong. Then she starts slipping off her thong and heads to the edge of the bathtub and starts stroking her cunt sensually. She then bends over while on her knees and spreads her legs wide open so you can have a clear view of her fleshy pink cunt. At this point, you can imagine yourself being there and sliding your dick inside her welcoming pussy as she poses in the doggy style. Click here to see more pics of Lika Dolce Sponsored by: Metart

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