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Teen best friends Alice Klay and Lina Montana sharing one hard dick

True girlfriends love to share everything from what goes in the mouth to what goes in the pussy and even the ass. Teen best friends Alice Klay and Lina Montana are two best girlfriend babes who love to share dick this way. They start off sitting on each other with just their panties and shirts on, probably warming up as foreplay before a topless guy in shorts joins them. Then they instantly start to touch his cock while he’s still in his shorts and then they take out his stiff cock and start licking it playfully. They lick it and suck it passionately in turns. The two teen babes now take off all their clothes and bend over, leaving the guy to have his way with their gorgeous blossoming bodies. The guy starts touching the babes and then gives one of them a rim job as he fingers her partner. These teen babes are really crazy and they get on top of each other as the guy bangs one of them while they kiss passionately. The green-haired babe starts riding the lucky dude as the other licks her pussy as well as the guy’s cock and balls. They are also quite acrobatic as one gets banged while bending over and the green-haired babe balances on her arms as she raises her body to the guy’s face for him to lick her pussy. They finish off by kissing each other passionately as the satisfied dude looks on with pleasure. Click here to see more pics of Alice Klay and Lina Montana CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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