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Lucy Tyler & Adriana Chechik take turns fucking the same cock in a threesome

Lucy Tyler and Adriana Chechik are two hot babes who have an insatiable appetite for dick. These babes will do anything to get a dick in their throats, pussies, and perhaps assholes too. Their appetite for jizz in their mouths is also something to sucking reckon with. They also look like they could fuck in any position given the acrobatic moves they can make. They can spread their legs really wide and they look like they are not straining to assume those positions. The fact that they can swing both ways, guys and babes, is equally amazing. The other thing you must appreciate about these babes is their ability to accommodate huge dongs in their pussies. Adriana looks like she can really take in massive cocks inside her pussy. And regardless of how much her pussy looks like it is getting stretched to its limits by the huge dick here, she doesn’t seem to be suffering. She even has the time to kiss her friend while the massive dick slides inside her stretched pussy. And when it comes to sucking cock, these babes have a talent. They seem to enjoy hot jizz in their mouths and they don’t give a fuck about sharing the slimy white stuff between themselves. Click here to see more pics of Lucy Tyler & Adriana Chechik CLICK HERE TO SEE AND DOWNLOAD MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS

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