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Blonde babe Mary Lin removes all her clothes and fingers her pussy

Mary Lin has a classic look to her that makes time stand still when she’s in front of the camera. Piece by piece, the clothing she’s wearing comes off, and it isn’t long until she’s standing before the world completely nude. It’s what she does while wearing nothing at all that’s so stunning. She doesn’t seem like the type of person who would stand in front of a total stranger and masturbate, but that’s what she does. After all of the clothes come off, she removes her shoes and then goes to town on that tender little hole of hers. Fingers, they’re all a girl like her needs to get off. What was she thinking about while pounding away at her pussy? Was it only the camera that turned her on? Maybe she saw a guy on her way to the photoshoot that got her juices flowing. No one knows for certain what made her so sexually excited; the only thing anyone knows is what she did after achieving such a level of excitement. Rubbing and playing with herself was the natural progression of things, and she didn’t stop until her pussy was so overcome with pleasure that it flooded her brain. Click here to see more pics of Mary Lin Sponsored by: NUBILES

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