It’s always a pleasure watching a hot babe working out at the gym in tight workout clothes. But it’s even more exciting watching a hot chic workout at the gym while totally nude. That’s what happens when teen fitness babe Eva Jude works out nude in this set. The set starts with Jude standing next to gym equipment wearing what looks like a swimsuit and orange trainers. She proceeds to pose while standing and turns so that her back is now facing the camera while she bends and spreads her legs so that the fleshy bit in her panties is popping out from between her beautiful long slender legs.

She makes a few poses pretending to be working out on the gym machine and then she starts to teasingly pull down her dress to reveal her small pointy boobs. She then comes in the next scene totally nude sitting on the gym equipment pretending to be working out and proceeds to bend over with her ass facing the camera and her special pink puffy bit popping out from between her legs. She proceeds to pose with her legs raised up high to show off her entire body and pussy and continues to pose while working out in different positions to end the set.

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