Rilee and Sara both get turned on by each other while standing in the pool while wearing bikinis. Each of these darlings is both incredibly petite and they are gorgeous. It’s understandable why they would be aroused by looking at each other. They have fantastic asses and the cutest little boobs ever. What happens during their time getting to know each other in the pool is something else. It isn’t long before they find themselves locking lips. It went from admiring each other to being full-blown lust. The space from locking eyes and locking lips was so small that it’s surprising.

Neither of them was in the mood to waste any time with small talk. They want to get close to the other and smooch. Kissing has a way of turning into something so much more, and the naughtiness is kicked off with nipple sucking. Before long, they’re embracing each other and kissing even more passionately. A little sucking on nipples is all it took for them to become this full of lust—feeling each other’s wet slippery skin while kissing also sent shockwaves of filthy throughout both of them. Surprisingly, they didn’t end up face deep in pussy right there, but they would’ve drowned. They might be horny, but neither of these girls is ready to suffocate to get their fill of delicious pussy.

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