Lesbian sex is something both Shyla Jennings and Kristen Scott have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about. What causes such sweet and innocent looking girls to want to have sex with another girl? Girls today are blossoming at a much younger age and becoming sexually active in ways that no one could’ve ever imagined. Neither of them is shy about their love of the female body, and it’s a good thing in the end. There is no reason why they should be shy in the least. If anything, they should be proud of their desire to have fun that few people would allow themselves to have.

The taste of pussy is startling when you’re a young babe first getting her taste. There can’t be much doubt that these girls have tasted their own nectar while masturbating in the past. However, none of that is any match for the smell of another girl’s pussy when your nose is right next to it. The scent of a fully aroused vagina is something that sets off a girl who is a true blue lesbian. The smell wafting up through their nostrils into their brain is what drives them to go completely crazy and lick with the type of reckless abandon seen here.

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